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Now Kyuubi is friendly to Naruto and started having conversations and asking when he'll visit her again as she does get lonely in his mindscape, doing nothing but masturbating…which was too much information for the blonde to know.

He does come by for cuddles and making out but now sex as Naruto is a bit exhausted from the freakish transformations while he was battling the sexy Kitsune in her sexy Kunoichi costume.

"I'll gladly help her, she's precious to me and it too pains me to see her suffer; I want her to feel only pleasure and comfort"Kurenai then gives Naruto a grateful hug, Naruto blushes as he can feel her breasts squishing on his chest."Thank you, Naruto" said Kurenai "I am forever grateful; now I must tell you about Anko""Like what?"That is really kinky""I know" said Kurenai "All women has different sexual fantasies that turn them on; I'm sort of an Exhibitionist, and the genjutsu gives it the advantage""Wow; I never knew you were so daring" said Naruto as he pinched his nose to prevent nosebleeds."Yeah, I know" said Kurenai as she then pulls out a scroll and gives it to Naruto."These are the tools you might need to help Anko; give her a wonderful time, she really needs it""I will" said Naruto "And thank you""No Naruto, thank you" said Kurenai as she then kisses him on the cheek before she leaves the room.Naruto then starts to wake up, leaving the mindscape with a "see you later" from Kyuubi and finds himself in the hospital room…again."Damn it; I hate Hospitals" grumbles Naruto"So do I but how can you expect to get medical treatment without them"Naruto turns to see Sarutobi sitting beside the bed, feels like déjà vu to Naruto when he fainted from using his bloodline for the first time."So how did it go?" said Naruto"That question is already answered for you, Naruto" said Sarutobi with a smile "You made me proud""Thanks" said Naruto as he sighs in relaxation until he realized something "Hey, I almost forgot; how is Hinata?

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  1. You have to be really clear on that and set your boundaries accordingly. That only means you won’t be meeting the men you are incompatible with and that’s not really a loss.